Stop losing opportunities

With the digitalisation of communication, the world is accelerating. Your sales teams are under pressure. Your customers are waiting for quick answers. You are unable to follow these requests in a structured way. You risk losing opportunities and customers.

Trust your CRM and automate your business cycle to speed up your conversion rate.

Discover how Tania manages its leads with ODOO Sales Automation:


The 5 Reasons to Use Sales Automation Now

Sales Automation saves you time and effort. All repetitive tasks will be done by Odoo. You do not spend your time doing uninteresting tasks. You are focused on the results.

Customize the content for each of your contacts. Thanks to the 360 ° view of your client, you have a plenty of information to segment your communication based on your client's profile, purchases and habits. Be creative.

Communicate at the right time. It's when your clients call you that they need you. With Sales Automation, you can track and organize this flow in a structured and efficient way. Be responsive.

Increase your conversion rate. Sales Automation allows you to see the direct results of each action and you can visually understand when you lose your leads and how. It does not work? Change!

Measure your return on investment (ROI). Sales automation also lets you know what are the costs and revenues of each marketing strategy. A good way to know where to invest and avoid unnecessary expenses.

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